Financial Benefits of a Las Vegas Wedding

Did you know that Las Vegas has been called the marriage capital of the world? It’s true! More than 10,000 weddings take place each month in the city.

There’s more than one reason why Las Vegas wedding chapels are so popular.

They’re beautiful. They’re inexpensive. And they’re so much fun.

If you’re considering marriage in Las Vegas, this guide is for you. Keep reading to find out about all the money you can save by choosing a Las Vegas wedding.

Luxury Wedding Without the Cost

A wedding in Las Vegas is almost always cheaper than your traditional wedding. Most couples can spend upwards of $30,000 on their wedding at a venue in Oregon, Utah, or Texas.

We live in a time where large, traditional weddings are becoming outdated among some groups. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a ceremony is just not feasible.

In Las Vegas, the typical wedding only costs around $500. As you can imagine, the hotels and transportation are costly, but the entire trip will cost less than most other weddings.

Many people try to plan and DIY everything for their wedding themselves to save money. In Vegas, you can buy a wedding package that has everything you need for a few hundred dollars or less.

Don’t worry about finding a minister, a florist, or a photographer. Marrying in Las Vegas is made easy, so you can stay stress-free and enjoy your big day.

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Saving Time

We all know time is money. If money is tight, a Las Vegas wedding can save you a whole lot of time too.

The Las Vegas marriage license bureau is open every day of the year for your convenience.

Yes, that includes holidays too. They are open from eight in the morning until midnight, and they are highly efficient. You can get your license in as little as 15 minutes.

All this is because Las Vegas is such a hot spot to get married. One of the best Las Vegas wedding benefits is that you can get your marriage license on the spot.

Due to a bill passed in 1931, you can get a marriage license in no time with few requirements. And, it’s cheap! The county charges around $80 as a licensing fee. Once that’s sorted, all you’ll need is a chapel and a witness.

If you’re serious about getting married cheap and quickly, you could wake up and get married in less than an hour.

Okay, maybe you aren’t worried about saving that much time. But, a wedding that is already planned for you saves you a lot of time and brain space.

Many traditional weddings take up to two years to plan. That is 730 days of stressful planning and money spending. Instead, you could be enjoying your engagement and focusing on the years to come as a happily married couple.

A Wedding and a Vacation

Save on your honeymoon by starting it before you say, “I do.” When you get married in Las Vegas, you can also have the bachelorette/bachelor party and your honeymoon in the same place.

There is so much to do and explore in Vegas. You, your family, and your guests are sure to have a great time all week if you plan to stay that long.

Consider seeing a show, going to an award-winning restaurant, or dancing at the clubs. The list of things to do in Vegas can go on and on.

If you plan to have a registry for your wedding, but you prefer experiences over things, include tickets to Vegas shows instead of new plates.

Even if you don’t plan to have your honeymoon in Las Vegas, you will have saved so much money getting married here that you can honeymoon anywhere you like.

Choosing a wedding ceremony that doesn’t run your bank account dry will leave so much room for vacationing anywhere. Have two honeymoons if you like! One in Vegas and one in the Bahamas sounds like a grand celebration.

Affordable Wedding Packages

Some great wedding packages in Las Vegas are as cheap as $209. These smaller packages come with a personal wedding planner, flowers, a photo session, and more.

You can also splurge for a more expensive package. A $700 wedding package in Vegas can get you even better benefits. Included is a video download of your ceremony and a round-trip limo for six adults.

Choosing a venue that does all the stressful wedding planning work for you is a luxury most brides wish they had. Your wedding is customizable without the hassle of planning it all yourself.

No matter what kind of wedding you’re looking to have, Las Vegas has the package for you.

Saving After the Wedding

Some people forget that marriage is the beginning of a shared financial relationship. When you’re married, you may share your income and your debt. Luckily, there are many economic benefits when it comes to marriage.

Splitting the cost of living is a big one. If you and your spouse haven’t been living together yet, splitting living costs is a great advantage. Groceries, rent, and Wi-Fi are half as expensive when you move in together.

Also, you can maximize your work benefits together. If your spouse has incredible health insurance, you can get on that. If you get to travel for work often, they may be able to tag along for cheap.

From tax benefits to shared financial resources, you can save money by doing marriage the right way. That all starts at the chapel.

When you start saving early on in your relationship, there is no telling how much money you’ll be bringing in in the future.

Have a Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding

Your Las Vegas Wedding could be the best day of your life, and you won’t have to empty your bank account for it.

If you want to get married in Las Vegas, you should leave your wedding planning to the professionals at Little Church of the West. Contact us today to learn more about the packages we offer and reserve your wedding date.