Getting a Las Vegas Marriage License: 6 Things to Know

Nevada Marriage License Application

Getting a Las Vegas Marriage License: 6 Things to Know

Most things are easy to get in Sin City and a Las Vegas marriage license is no exception. But before you run off with your mate, here are 6 things you’ll need.

Are you surprised to know that there are over two million marriages in the United States each year? Las Vegas is known for gambling, but you can do so much more while there. Many couples choose to get married while visiting sin city. Are you ready to take the plunge and looking for information on getting a Las Vegas marriage license? Read below for the steps you will need to take so you and your sweetheart can become legally joined.

Do the Preparation

Before going to the altar, be sure to gather all the required paperwork. Proper identification is needed. This can be a driver license or passport. If you do not have one of these, bring a certified copy of your birth certificate. To apply for a Las Vegas marriage license, you must appear in person before a clerk at a Marriage License Bureau location somewhere in Clark County. To receive a license, you and your partner must be unrelated and each at least eighteen years old. If one of you is under eighteen, but between sixteen and seventeen, don’t worry, you can still get married. Young lovers can get married with parental consent. Have your parent present with you at the clerk’s office. If they can not be there, bring a legal, notarized document that states you have permission to get married. Not your first rodeo and been married before? Have a copy of your final divorce papers.

Applying for a Las Vegas Marriage License

Applying for a marriage license will cost you $77.00. You can pay for the license using cash, credit card, or money order. Be aware there may be a service fee when using a credit card. There is no waiting period once you apply, so you will receive the license immediately. Want to skip the possible line? Check out the pre-application process.You will get a reference number to bring along to the clerk’s office. You can skip the line and go to the Express Window. You will get a reference number to bring along to the clerk’s office. You can skip the line and go to the Express Window. From outside the United States? Don’t fret, even international couples can get married in Las Vegas. The clerk’s office can easily send a certified copy of your Las Vegas marriage license to wherever you need. The clerk’s office is open until midnight, so be sure to visit the office in advance of any nighttime wedding plans.

Choose a Chapel

Now that you have your marriage license, it is time to choose a chapel. You can make a reservation if you want to avoid potential lines or simply go with the flow. Las Vegas is notorious for weddings that were planned only a few hours earlier. For many chapels, you can walk in and immediately get married as long as you have your Las Vegas marriage license. Upscale chapels are common in resorts and require reservations. Ask your hotel for ideas if you aren’t sure where to go. You can also just drive up and down the Las Vegas Strip to find a chapel. If you decide to not make a reservation, be aware you may have to wait. Wedding chapels in Las Vegas do a lot of business! This is especially true on holidays like Valentine’s Day. If you are going to have numerous guests, consider the reservation option. This will ensure your guests and you have an enjoyable experience. Many of these have all-inclusive packages that include a photographer, florist, and musicians. Some even provide outfit options for the bride and groom.

Pick your Outfits

Once you have selected a chapel of your choice, you need to decide what you will wear if attire is not included in your chapel. Some choose to dress in funky costumes, while others choose more traditional clothing. If you don’t want to purchase expensive dresses or tuxes, there are many businesses that you can rent from. Want a fun ceremony that is the epitome of Las Vegas weddings? Consider an Elvis Presley wedding theme. This package includes lots of fun things such as an Elvis performer singing songs and the option for him to officiate the wedding. This package also includes a bouquet for the bride and a boutonnière for the groom. Your chapel will likely offer both religious and civil ceremonies. Pick whatever suits you best.

Witness Required

You will need a witness to get married. If you did not bring any guests, the chapel can provide you with a witness. Many will offer the photographer as one.

Las Vegas marriage licenseHave Fun Celebrating

Now that you are married, it is time to enjoy the city. There is plenty to do in Las Vegas after getting hitched. Seek some relaxation and pampering after the big event and seek out a spa. For a romantic celebration, seek out The Venetian in Las Vegas. Here you can take a gondola ride through the Grand Canal bridges. Kiss under each bridge for good luck! Are you two lovebirds both foodies? There are many walking tours in the city offering different packages and dining experience. Do your research and choose accordingly. You might be able to visit five restaurants in a night and a VIP experience. Looking for something a little more thrilling? Take a ride in a hot air balloon and get an aerial view of the desert landscape.

Final Notes

Now that you understand how to get your Las Vegas marriage license, you are ready to get hitched and party in sin city. Las Vegas weddings can be either spontaneous or fancy, planned out events. Either option will create lifelong memories and fun stories to tell family and friends for years. Depending on the situation, you may be able to save some money and stress Depending on what you choose to do, you may be able to even save money compared to more traditional weddings. Do you still have some questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

After your wedding

The minister has 10 days to file your paperwork. You can then order a certified copy of your certificate.

Order certified proof of marriage