5 Vegas Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Las Vegas wedding favors

5 Las Vegas Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Don’t let your Vegas wedding guests go home empty handed. Here are five fun Las Vegas wedding favors your guests will love.

Simply choosing to have your wedding in Las Vegas means it’ll be extremely memorable to you and all your guests. It’s hard not to have blast in this city.

But along with the fun you’ll have, there will be stress. There always is during a wedding.

With all the things you need to take care of for your big day, it’s easy to forget about the time and effort your wedding party is putting into the event.

To show your appreciation, give them something they can keep forever – something that will preserve the memory of the time they had with you in Vegas.

If you’ve thought about this, but are having trouble deciding on little gifts to give, you’re in luck.

Las Vegas wedding favorsKeep reading to get five ideas for Las Vegas wedding favors.

1. Personalized Poker Chips

What’s more synonymous with Las Vegas than poker chips? Hopefully, someone in your wedding party will end up winning quite a few at the tables during your trip.

Why not give them some that represent more than just money. Personalized poker chips make great Las Vegas wedding favors. Give your guests something to take home that will remind them of your special day in the City of Lights.

Order custom chips in different colors and print a special message on each side. The date of your wedding, the name of the bride and groom and a graphic that commemorates the trip are just a few ideas.

You may also choose to get special chips for the groomsmen and bridesmaids with their names and a special thank you message. You can even get custom cases to protect these personalized chips.

You can be sure your guests won’t double down with these. They’ll make great conversation pieces and are the perfect way to remember the time they spent with you in Vegas.

2. Wedding Shot Glasses

Aside from gambling, Las Vegas is known as a place to cut loose. Yes, this means throwing back a few and getting wild with your friends.

Plus, what better time for spirits and celebration than your wedding. Consider custom shot glasses for your guests to take home. They may even put them to use on your special day.

When it comes to Las Vegas wedding favors, it’s all about personalization. You don’t want to give your guests a generic gift that has no sentimental value. Instead, have personalized shot glasses made.

These can include the date of your wedding and a special image or message. Maybe the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign or a pair of dice. Anything that makes your guests think of you and the special city you got married in.

And like the poker chips, consider giving more personalized shot glasses to the wedding party. Every time they’re put to use, your guests will remember the time they had.

3. Personalized Playing Cards

Another iconic symbol, the playing card represents fun, chance, and hopefully, fortune. They also make great Las Vegas wedding favors.

But we’re not talking about a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards. We mean custom cards personalized with your guests in mind.

Get them custom made with a tender message thanking your guests for sharing the day with you. Go for his and her cards with the same colors as the bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s ties.

You can even have your picture printed on the cards with the date and “Las Vegas, Nevada” printed below it. There are really no rules, so get creative. There are plenty of printing services that offer high-quality playing cards, so shop around and find the best deal.

Like the poker chips, your guests will take them home and break them out on special occasions. Each time they do, they’ll think of you.

4. Custom Koozies

A custom designed can koozie, or cooler as some people call them, make fun and useful Las Vegas wedding favors. What’s great about this gift is you don’t have to wait until the wedding day to give them out.

Many couples choose to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Vegas right before the wedding day. If this is the case, give them to your guests so they can keep their beers cool while out on the town.

Consider going for his and her koozies in different colors (maybe pink and black). As always, personalize them with the date of your wedding, your names and a special message.

Personalized koozies are great because there’s a lot of room for graphics. Opt for something like playing cards (the king and queen of hearts), a roulette wheel, or the classic dice.

These are sure to get some attention when you and your wedding party is out having a good time or lounging by the pool.

5. Vegas-Themed Key Chains

It seems like almost everyone has a Las Vegas keychain. They’re a hot item at souvenir shops on the strip.

However, you’re going to make yours special. These aren’t keychains your guests will throw in a drawer and forget about. Personalized Vegas keychains are something they will appreciate and keep with them to remind them of your love and friendship.

Have them made with the date of your wedding and a heartfelt message. You can also have graphics added to commemorate the time you had in Sin City.

There are so many options for great, high-quality design elements. This is also a very affordable gift – great if you’re on a strict budget.

The best thing about this gift is that your guests will be reminded of the trip every day. These will turn into great keepsakes that they will treasure forever.

The Perfect Las Vegas Wedding Favors

You’ll likely know right away which of these wedding favors is perfect for you.

After your special day, you’ll never think of Vegas the same again. Make sure the gift you give pays tribute to the city and also includes something unique about your wedding day. These are gifts your guests will keep forever, so make them count.

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