How to Throw a Rockin’ Las Vegas Wedding Reception

How to Throw a Rockin’ Las Vegas Wedding Reception

Need a wild Las Vegas wedding reception to match your rock n’ roll wedding? Here are several themed wedding reception ideas your guests won’t forget.

Are you ready to tie the know but you don’t want a typical wedding?

If you want to have a rock & roll Las Vegas wedding reception your guests never forget. You need to plan out the little details.

We’re here to share the hottest rock & roll wedding ideas to make sure your night is as wild as Las Vegas.

Read on to get started.

The Wedding Invitations

Before your guests arrive at your Las Vegas wedding reception, you’ll want to make sure they’re in for an unforgettable night.

For the invitations, you can get quite creative, and embrace the rock & roll theme.

You can send the invitation as a vinyl record inside the envelope to let them know they’ll be in for a rock & roll wedding. The details could be written on the vinyl record, but in order to get into the wedding, they’ll need their “admit one” wedding ticket.

If you want to get even more creative, why not send them an invitation in the form of all-access passes. Sending them a lanyard with all of the wedding details will ensure your guests arrive as VIPs.

Rock & Roll Wedding Song Ideas

No rock & roll Las Vegas wedding Reception would be complete without the best playlist.

Not only will you need a great song to walk down the aisle, but you will also need song ideas for the reception.

To walk down the aisle you will need a song that is meaningful for your groom or bride.

Some popular song ideas include:

  • Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
  • Marry Me by Train
  • November Rain by Guns N’ Roses
  • Wedding Song by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Of course, if you have a different song you love, you must use it.

Rock & Roll Placement Cards

How about instead of numbering your tables at your Rock & Roll Las Vegas wedding reception, you name the tables after your favorite rock & roll bands.

Once your guests arrive at the reception and see which table they’ll be sitting at, they’ll be in for a surprise.

Write the name of the table they’ll be sitting at on a guitar pick and attach it to a placement card with their name on it.

If you want to get a little extra creative, why not write their name and table on a cassette. Or write down the information on a music sheet card.

The Bridal Look

If you want your rock & roll wedding reception to be a splash, then you need to make sure the bridal look matches the reception.

The Dress

When you’re a rock & roll bride, you have the freedom of getting as creative as you like with your wedding dress.

Some brides choose to go for a full-on black dress and have their wedding party pick white dresses to make the contrast.

The wedding dress doesn’t have to be black of course, it can be everything you want, as long as it matches your style.

If you want a more traditional wedding dress but still want to reflect your rock & roll wedding, why not throw a motorcycle jacket on top of your white gown.

The Hair

If you want your hair to be as edgy as your rock & roll wedding receptions, you have quite a few options.

For example, if you’re going with a traditional wedding dress, why not spice up your hair by dying it an edgy color such as pink or purple.

If you don’t want to resort to hair dye to achieve your wedding look, you can always to a stylish but edgy hairdo.

You can also resort to doing a pin-up hairdo and decorate it with flowers. In case you’re going for a more relaxed look, why not let your hair down and use a crown of flowers on your head.

The Groom Looks

Of course, the groom also has to look the part. If a groom wants to go for a more traditional wedding suit, it doesn’t mean he can’t make it a little rock & roll.

All the groom has to do is pick a tie to give him a little bit of an edge. The shoes are also a good place to start if a groom wants to show his own personal style.

If a groom wants to steer a bit from tradition, he could skip the suit jacket and only keep the vest and tie. The groom then has the option to roll up their sleeves and show some of those rock & roll tattoos.

The Cake

The centerpiece to your rock & roll las vegas reception. If you want to wow your guests with the centerpiece, you need to pick the best wedding cake.

If you decide to go for a more traditional cake but still keep the rock & roll elements, why not add a rockstar couple cake topper?

If you want the cake to reflect more your love of music, you can have a cake that has music notes written all over it.

Why even have a cake when you can get creative and have a tower of donuts or cupcakes.

Rock & Roll Wedding Decoration

To decorate the wedding reception you’ll want to make sure it looks as rock & roll as possible. Try having it under candle lights and have plenty of candles decorating the table.

Don’t just go for white candles, try mixing it up with black and red candles.

Have guitar or music note cut out mixed in with the flowers to make sure the theme radiates.

You will also need a main stage to ensure a great rock & roll wedding band makes your guests get up their seats to rock along with the band.

Ready to Plan a Las Vegas Wedding Reception?

All the little details will ensure your rock & roll wedding reception is unforgettable. Remember to put in as much as your personality as you want.

Have fun with your invitations, cake, and wedding dress to make sure it’s a night you never forget.

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