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Scottish Bagpiper

The Little Church of the West can offer a Bagpiper to your Las Vegas Wedding.  If you are visiting Las Vegas from Scotland or just want to celebrate your Scottish heritage, be sure to talk to your wedding consultant about adding our Bagpiper to your Las Vegas Wedding Package.  A Las Vegas Wedding with Scottish Bagpiper will add a touch of national pride to your Las Vegas Wedding.  Learn more about us.

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Las Vegas Wedding with Scottish Bagpiper


History of the Scottish Bagpipes

While we automatically associate the bagpipes with Scotland it is a little known fact that they are not exclusive to that country. The design of the bagpipes played in Scotland – and again, you may be surprised to hear that there are many different versions – may be unique to Scotland, but the history of the instrument is much older on mainland Europe than it is in the British Isles.

The traditional Scottish bagpipes – the Great Highland bagpipes that are familiar to us all – have a convoluted history that is enshrined with legend. The Menzies clan claim to own the remnants of a set of pipes that were carried into battle at Bannockburn – it was customary, and still is in ceremonial terms, for a Scottish regiment to be accompanied by a piper – in 1314, although there is much controversy regards this as the first mention of such an instrument in written lore does not occur until well over a hundred years later.

Bagpipes found their footing in Scotland firmly in the 1700’s, and this is where the different types began to appear. Smaller than the Great Highland pipes are the Border pipes, and they also differ in not using a mouthpiece but a bellows, and just south of the border we have the Northumbrian small pipes, similar to the Border pipes, while many other types prospered in the last three hundred years.

The history of bagpipes in Scotland is, however, one that is very much part of the myth and legend of this glorious country, and that there is still a tradition of pipe bands in the British Army today, as well as any number of ceremonial and traditional occasions at which pipers are required, is clear indication of just how closely the Scots value their bagpipes.

Las Vegas Wedding with Scottish Bagpiper