The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Planning a wedding in 2018? Don’t miss out on the hottest new trends! Keep reading to learn about the top 10 wedding trends for 2018.

wedding trends for 2018Are you getting married, or planning a wedding, and need to know all the latest wedding trends for 2018?

Having an on-trend wedding can make your special day far more memorable because the new styles tend to give it way more of a ‘wow’ factor.

If you’re a traditionalist – remember that it’s your day. If you want a very conventional wedding, you’re very welcome to it. No one can tell you otherwise.

If you’re looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary, here are the top 10 wedding trends for 2018.



1. Wedding Trends for 2018 – The Dress

The top wedding trends for 2018 in the dress department are looking fab, but slightly unusual.

We’re expecting monochrome to be the big thing this year. A touch of black to offset the traditional white might seem a little odd at first. When done right, it’s a really modern and chic look.

We know that this is a big step for brides, whose dresses are white (or just off-white) in 93% of cases. If you feel more comfortable in white, go for it.

We think some of these black-and-white dresses are really smart.

2. Cocktails

Cocktails have always been popular, but it’s only during the last few years that they’ve started to make an appearance at weddings.

Premixing some ‘his’ and ‘her’ options in a few hip water dispensers, with plenty of fruit and ice inside. Choose your favorites and have a stab at mixing them yourself if you’re on a budget (and can get them right!).

If you’ve got the cash to splash out, hiring a pro bartender to do this for you will really impress your guests and produce delicious drinks!

We do recommend you keep a few cold beers and bottles of wine on ice too. As well as soft drinks, so there’s something for everyone.

3. Signs and Directions

Most signs and directions for weddings involve loopy letterings and ‘safe’ colors like whites and light purples.

We’re likely to see these deviate a bit more in 2018, as people shoot for more personalized options.

Sure, tradition is tradition but personalization can be fun. For example, let’s say the bride is from the Caribbean. Some personalized palm tree banners might be what she’s looking for.

Feel free to have some fun with your signs.

4. Wedding Colors for 2018

As we’ve mentioned, most brides still take a white dress. However, the world seems to be moving away from this.

Stylish black, white and gold combos can be stunning. Deep greens can bring out the best in many rooms.

Have you considered a set of warm colors to make your reception feel like home? How about some deep reds, or rose shades?

Don’t be afraid to stray into new territory with your choice.

5. Hot Cakes for 2018

White, collared, gold-clad?

Wedding cakes are the showstopper of your big day. What’s in right now?

Well, ruffled icing can be an elegant choice – and edible flowers are somewhere in the picture. However, the trend making our mouths water at the moment is ‘deconstructed’ cakes.

These don’t have any icing or marzipan. You can see ‘inside’ the cake’s layers. This works well to stimulate appetites, by showing off all the fruity fillings and sheets of fondant.

Or for those without a sweet tooth, consider a cheese cake. Not a cheesecake. We’re talking about tiered rounds of cheese sat on top of one another. Yes, that’s a thing, and yes, it is amazing. Be sure to order enough crackers!

6. The Alternative Dessert Table

Cakes aren’t going anywhere, but in 2018 we’re expecting to see a number of couples opt for an alternative dessert table instead.

This can feature anything really. Bowls of candy, jellies, cupcakes. A donut bar or even a build-your-own s’mores station.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this type of thing. You’ll be amazed at some of the lovely ideas people have had for their weddings.

7. (Hanging) Flowers for Your Wedding

Hanging flowers can create a stunning ‘upside-down’ garden.

Have trellis arches set up in the wedding venue to underneath as you go down the aisle. Use them to guide people into your reception venue.

This will bring a perfect natural feeling to your wedding.

8. What About Greenery?

Flowers are one thing but don’t forget the leaves.

We think that green will be one of the big wedding colors this year. Foliage can play a part in making your venue look exceptional.

Expect to see eucalyptus, baby’s breath, and jasmine vines woven in among white roses at weddings this year.

9. Food & Drink for the Reception

What’s on the menu?

At many weddings, you’ll find some fairly traditional options. Salmon to start, roast meat for mains, and wedding cake for dessert.

Foodie wedding trends for 2018 are going to be far more exciting than this.

Brunch has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years. It used to be a meal we’d rarely talk about, now it’s in every restaurant worth its salt.

We expect to see lots of brunch-themed menus this year. Pancakes, waffles, and maple syrup – and of course, bacon. Which we can get on board with the bacon trend.

10. Savvy Invitations

It’s last on our list of weddings trends for 2018, but don’t leave it until the last minute to sort out your invitations.

As with signs and directions, personalizing your invitations will send a fun message to your guests.

You may also want to consult with a professional designer to see which options you prefer.

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