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How to Choose the Perfect Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Are you searching for the perfect wedding venue in Las Vegas? Read on to learn how to choose the best one.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when you get married it’s a lifelong commitment. Las Vegas is the land of bright lights and love with wedding venues of every shape, size, and budget.

Want to get married by an Elvis impersonator? Check. Want to get married under a massive underwater aquarium? Check.

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ve got many different venues to choose from. How do you pick one wedding venue when there are so many awesome places?  Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you need to know to choose the perfect and unique venue for you.

What’s Your Wedding Style?

The most important question you can ask if what’s your wedding style going to be? Do you want something fancy and sophisticated with friends and family or a raucous and flashy wedding with just you and your spouse?

Vegas has everything from traditional churches and chapels to weddings in the desert or at one of the many luxurious hotels. The type of wedding you want helps narrow down the list of venues.

Thousands of people get married in Las Vegas every year and the city has every type of venue under the sun from fancy to irreverent and farcical.

Your Wedding Size can Help Determine Wedding Venue

If you want to get married by an Elvis impersonator at a chapel on the strip, then you can’t have a 500 person guest lists. Small chapels are perfect for quick or impromptu weddings with a few close friends and family.

Larger venues like hotels, museums, and large churches are more traditional and can accommodate hundreds of people. Determine how big you want your wedding to be and plan accordingly.

Many times a large hotel will include perks for the bride and groom if they bring in a large wedding. The more people at the wedding the more drinks they serve and more than a few will make their way to the casino.

Money Makes the World go Round

You can spend a lot of money on a wedding or you can spend hardly anything. Vegas has something for everyone. It’s important to decide your wedding budget long before your head to Las Vegas.

The city has venues that are small, but expensive or large venues that are moderately priced. Las Vegas is a city of vice, so if you want the lap of luxury, then they’ve got that too. Call various venues and see what their prices are for a wedding your size.

Your budget has a big impact on where your wedding can be. Elvis officiating can be much cheaper than a wedding at Mandalay Bay or the Bellagio. Even if you choose to have a small inexpensive wedding venue that doesn’t mean you can’t stay at a luxurious hotel and party until dawn.

You’ll Love a Las Vegas Wedding

wedding venueWith so many truly unique wedding venues, Las Vegas has something for everyone. It’s guaranteed to be fun and exciting no matter if you’re marrying in some massive ballroom or a small downtown chapel/

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