8 Western Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day in Vegas

8 Western Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day in Vegas

Are you a country couple at heart? Why not plan a western themed wedding in Vegas? Hence, here with 8 western wedding ideas that will fit your style and budget!

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First of all, Las Vegas hosts about 120,000 weddings every year and over 300 wedding ceremonies a day.

This city is such a popular marriage location because of its lenient marriage laws and low wedding prices, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be the location of your western style wedding.

Take a look at some of these western wedding ideas for your Las Vegas wedding.

The Big Wedding Pieces

There are a few things that can’t be overlooked when you’re coming up with western wedding ideas for your wedding. These are the big focus things, like the venue, the food, and the wedding party attire.

If you choose to hold your wedding in a fancy church, dress in traditional wedding outfits, or serve Mediterranean food or even pizza and then decorate in a western style, your guests will be confused.

Here are some western wedding ideas for your big attention getters at your wedding.

1. Pick a Venue

Las Vegas has several western styles, outdoor wedding venues tucked away where you can easily plan a wedding. Or if you prefer to have an indoor wedding, you can get married in a rustic wedding chapel.

Little Church of the West was actually part of the western-themed hotel called Last Frontier. The hotel is gone but the chapel still stands, and it is made from beautiful California redwood.

Your western wedding will fit right in with this rustic chapel. Afterwards, you can take your guests to an outdoor reception filled with BBQ, hayrides, and horses.

Whoever said you can’t get married in Vegas with a perfect western wedding?

2. Make Sure the Food Fits the Theme

To host the best western wedding, you’ll want to serve rustic food. Think things like BBQed meets, beans, potatoes, and mac and cheese.

Less is best when serving comfort food, so don’t get carried away with too many options. Keep it simple and tasting good.

3. The Wedding Cake

Like the rest of the food, keep it simple.

And simple doesn’t mean boring. A cake with a few touch flowers or other decorations will look both rustic and elegant at the same time. A wedding cake that’s too extravagant, something massive and covered with rhinestones, for example, will look out of place in your western theme.

4. The Wedding Party’s Outfits

Western weddings are typically more casual than other, traditional weddings, so don’t be afraid to add some flannels and boots to your outfits.

In fact, the entire wedding party, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride, and goom included, should wear cowboy boots.

For women, the dresses should be colorful spring or summer dresses, nothing too fancy or made of delicate, lacy material. Throw in a cowgirl hat and a bouquet of wildflowers to complete the look.

If you expect the weather to be chilly, throw a denim jacket over the dresses.

Men should also wear casual attire, maybe nice jeans and a button-up shirt. They can also include a good ol’ cowboy hat into the look.

Bride and groom, don’t shy away from wearing cowgirl/cowboy hats as well.

Decorating Your Venue Western Wedding Ideas

Because western weddings are so much more relaxed than other weddings, you can have a lot of fun with the decorations. Some of these ideas may even help you save some money while making your wedding look stunning.

Take a look at some of these western wedding decoration ideas.

5. Use Mason Jars as Much as You Can

You can use mason jars for so many different things at a wedding, and you shouldn’t shy away from using them as much as possible. They really have that rustic feel and will make your guests feel it too.

Firstly, you can obviously use mason jars for cups. Get the mason jars with handles and match them with classic red and white striped straws to make them really stand out. If you have a bit of extra time, you can even turn some mason jars into wine glasses or spend a bit of extra money and buy them already made.

You can use mason jars for centerpieces on the tables. Put a touch of water at the bottom and fill them with bundles of flowers.

Put some simple flowers inside, like a sunflower or two, and hang them in doorways and along the walls. You can even use them as aisle markers by hanging them from the chair closest to the aisle.

Turn mason jars into lights by filling them with bundles of string or rope lights. If you have the time, you can even make a chandelier by hanging lights inside mason jars.

These are just a few mason jar examples, but you get the idea. You can use mason jars for practically everything, and you should always use them whenever you can.

6. Use Hay Bales as Seating

This may not be the best choice for everyone, especially if you know some of your guests have hay allergies.

But hay bales can make great seating options for your wedding. You can use them as chairs during the ceremony itself or use them like benches for the reception.

A country style wedding chapel.

You may want to cover them with cloth or a blanket to keep people from getting too dusty or covered with hay. If you do decide to go this route, you won’t have to worry about finding a lot of other chairs for your guests.

7. Horseshoes, the Second Mason Jars

Like mason jars, you can and should do a lot with horseshoes at your wedding. Not only do they represent good luck, they can really pull the look of your wedding together.

You can use them as place setters by tying a name tag in the middle or on one of the edges. Hang them from the backs of chairs for decorations or hang them on the walls.

You can even tie the wedding rings to a horseshoe and have the ringbearer carrying a horseshoe down the aisle instead of a pillow.

8. Use Whiskey Barrels as Extra Surfaces and Tables

Most of all, nothing says western, rusting wedding like a few well-placed whiskey barrels.

You can use these barrels as tables, for the guest book, the cake, or other decorations. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding enough tables, you can use whiskey barrels as table legs and set a piece of wood across them. You can cover it up with a table cloth to make it look nicer.

Don’t Hold Back Any Western Wedding Ideas

In Conclusion, planning your western wedding should be fun and memorable. You can add personalized touches to your outfits and to the decoration that most traditional weddings can’t include. Items seen as simple or untraditional can elevate your wedding into a rustic masterpiece.

In the process of planning your wedding? Let us know and we can give you some ideas!