The little church of the west

The fragrance of fresh blossoms, like whispered promises, fills the air at The Little Church of the West. For brides-to-be, choosing the perfect bouquet is more than just selecting a pretty floral arrangement — it’s a way to express your style, complement the ambiance, and create a lasting memory of your special day. In this guide, we’ll explore the latest wedding flower trends while offering tips on how to select the bouquet that will perfectly capture the essence of your love.

Tradition Meets Trend: The Evolution of Wedding Flowers

From delicate, hand-tied posies that harken back to Victorian times, to the extravagant, cascading bouquets that spotlight modern opulence, wedding flowers have seen a delightful evolution of style. Today’s brides are gravitating towards natural, season-inspired choices — think wildflowers and organic arrangements that exude an effortless, bohemian flair. The Little Church of the West, nestled among the vibrant colors of Vegas, amplifies the beauty of your floral choices, whether you opt for a timeless, classic look or a bold, contemporary statement.

A Symphony of Seasonal Selections

Seasonal flowers aren’t just cost-effective; they evoke the time of year when love takes center stage. Winter weddings call for the crisp elegance of white lilies or the striking contrast of crimson anemones. Spring celebrations come alive with the pastel palette of peonies and sweet peas, while summer’s warmth is mirrored in sunflowers or bright daisies. Fall nuptials can be celebrated with the rich hues of dahlias and rustic mixed greens.

Personalized Petals

Your wedding bouquet is a reflection of your personality. Those who value sentimentality might choose blooms that hold sentimental value, such as the first flower their partner gave them. Adventurous souls may opt for a more unique bloom or add unconventional elements like feathers or succulents. At The Little Church of the West, our wedding flower consultants can help you find the perfect combination to express your individuality.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Selecting your wedding flowers is a delicate art that involves more than just picking your favorite bloom. Here are some tips to ensure your floral choices align with your vision:

Harmonize With the Venue

Before choosing your flowers, consider the setting of your wedding. The Little Church of the West, with its historic beauty, can be complemented by classic roses or fragrant lavender. If you’re exchanging vows in an urban loft, a sleek, monochromatic bouquet might feel more at home. Your flowers should enhance, not overpower, the venue.

Consult With a Florist

A skilled florist is invaluable in creating the bouquet of your dreams. They can guide you on flower availability, design trends, and what will look best in photographs. The Little Church of the West has a network of trusted florists who understand the unique needs of our brides and can translate your vision into floral reality.

Dress for Success

Your gown’s silhouette and style should influence your flower choice. A full, ball gown skirt pairs beautifully with a classic, rounded bouquet, while a slimmer sheath dress calls for a more linear, cascading design. Be sure to bring a fabric swatch of your dress to your flower consultations to ensure a perfect match.

The Little Church of the West – Where Dreams Blossom

Your wedding day is a romantic chapter in the story of your love. The flowers you choose will weave seamlessly into every photograph and memory, reflecting your personal tale. At The Little Church of the West, we understand that every detail, from the blooms to the vows, is essential. Engage with our expert florists to create a floral masterpiece that will live on in your heart long after the last petal has fallen.