Vegas Wedding FAQs

Can you explain the photo packages?

There are 2 options when purchasing your photos: All packages come with a photo credit that can be used towards the purchase of printed photos, or digital packages delivered via email download. The photography session increases with each package, so the larger the package, more photos are taken.

How to use the Photo Credit:

Our professional photographer will be taking candid ceremony photos during your ceremony as well as posed/formal photos of the couple after the ceremony. You will be viewing a quick slideshow of your photos directly after your ceremony. You will have the opportunity to purchase all of your photos digitally, which will be delivered via email download with a copyright release. There are different packages available and the pricing starts at $349, depending on your package. You will be able to use your photo credit towards the price of the photo package and receive all of your photos the same day. If you do not want to purchase a Photo package, you will then be able to use your credit to purchase individual prints online, at a later time.

Printed photos are priced at $15 for one 5×7, and $30 for one 8×10.

With the purchase of the Photo package, you will be able to download and save the images to your computer, print them at any store or online, and also share them with your friends and family and on social media.

Personal Online Photo and Video Gallery:

Every package comes with a personal photo and video gallery online. Your photos and the video of your ceremony will be on our website for a minimum of 30 days, with unlimited viewing. This is great for those who are unable to make it to your ceremony.

Can my guests take photos?

Starting with our Premium packages, Headliner and Desert Stardust, your guests are welcome to take photos and video from their seats during your ceremony. They will not be able to take photos during the posed/formal photo session. If you have additional questions please contact your Wedding Planner.

How do we make a reservation for our Las Vegas Ceremony?

We are open every day from 8am-11pm pacific time. You can call us at 800-821-2452 toll free or 702-739-7971. You can also make your reservation online. BOOK NOW

All of your information is secure and encrypted. ALL online reservations require full payment that is non-refundable. You will be emailed a confirmation within 48 hours.

Is there a Deposit?

Generally, you will pay in full for the package of your choice. However, if you are not in the position to pay in full and would like to secure the date and time we can work with you on making a deposit and setting up a payment arrangement with you.

How much is the Minister fee?

With all our packages we will provide you a Licensed Minister. The Ministers fee is not included in the package cost, whether you are having a Wedding or a Vow Renewal ceremony. The Ministers fee is paid separately the day of the ceremony. The fee is $60-$100, as specified with each package. The Minister fee is paid in cash only. The Minister fee for any other language other than English can range from $160-$200, this is based on availability. The Minister will perform the ceremony and will also file your paperwork at the recorder’s office.

Can I provide my own Minister?

We provide you a Minister for all of our packages. If you wish to bring your own Minister you are able to with our Premium Packages. You will pay our minister fee of $100 and use your own Minister with 10-12 minutes of spoken word. Our Minister will be present and will file your Marriage License paperwork.

Do you offer ceremonies in other languages?

We offer ceremonies in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. This is based on availability. This must be requested at the time of reserving your ceremony. There is an additional fee of $100-$200 (based on their cost), on top of the regular Minister fee.

Do I need and Marriage License and where do I get it?

To be legally married at the Little Church of the West, you will need to obtain a Nevada Marriage License. The Marriage Bureau is open every day from 8am-12am, this includes weekends and holidays. Address is 201 E Clark Ave on the corner of 3rd and Clark, downtown Las Vegas. Both parties need to be present when picking up the License. You will need to have Valid Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID) Cost is $102 per couple. They do not require birth certificates, blood tests, divorce or death certificates and there is no waiting period. You MUST obtain the license before having your ceremony. Please Click Here for additional information.

Do I need a witness?

If you have guests attending your ceremony, one of them can sign as your witness. They must be 18 years old or older. If you are not coming with guests we will provide you a witness at no additional charge.

Do you offer a Livestream of our ceremony?

Yes, we do! The Livestream is available with every package. Your family and friends will be able to watch your ceremony in real time. Please remember that the Livestream is not Live all day, every day. The Livestream is only available when a couple requests it and it will be Live as soon as your ceremony begins. If someone happens to miss it, don’t worry, we record every ceremony and they will be able to view it later!

Do you perform Vow Renewals and what do I need to bring?

Yes, we perform Vow Renewals ceremonies. Any of our packages we offer can also be for a Vow Renewal ceremony. You do not need to obtain a Marriage License or bring your Marriage License with you. We have you fill out a short statement of your marriage when you check in with the Chapel Office.

Do you perform Same Sex Ceremonies?

Yes, we welcome same sex couples for a Wedding or Vow Renewal.

How many guests can we have?

The Famous Chapel will seat 50-60 people comfortably with a maximum capacity of 75. Our Ace of Hearts package is a true elopement, meant for the couple only. (Please see package details)

Our outdoor venue the Little Garden of the West can seat 80, with being an outdoor venue there is no limit of guests. There is ample room for standing,

We do not have any additional “per guest” fees.

When should I arrive for my ceremony?

All couples and guests need to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony. We are unable to delay your ceremony for late guests. Please check in the office first with all of the paperwork and fees. We need a minimum of 15 minutes to complete the check in process. If you are arriving by limo transportation or bus, make sure you here at least 15 minutes before your ceremony start time. If you arrive at the start time of your ceremony, we will not be able to get you started at your reservation time and we may need to reschedule you.

What if I arrive late to my ceremony?

If you arrive late to your ceremony we will try our best to get you started as soon as we can. We do perform only 1 ceremony at a time. We are mindful of couple’s ceremonies. We do have other ceremonies that take place, we may need to schedule you to a later time or even the following day.

Can we have a Wedding Party?

You are welcome to have a Wedding party with all of our packages except the Ace of Hearts and The Sign Packages. Wedding party could include: bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsman, best man, flower girl/s, ring bearer/s.

Can someone walk you down the aisle?

Yes, traditionally by the father but it can be anyone you choose. (The Ace of Hearts package does not have music played, so there is no walking down the aisle)

How long is the ceremony?

Depending on the package you have, you can plan on being with us anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. This time frame includes the ceremony and photo session along with viewing your photos.

What music is played?

All of our packages, except the Ace of Hearts, come with the Traditional wedding music. If you wish to have a special song, we can download it, there is a $10 fee.

Is the Chapel air-conditioned?

Yes, the Chapel is equipped with air-conditioning and heat for your comfort, however, we do not have an indoor waiting area.

What is the dress-code?

We do not have a dress-code, you are welcome to dress casual or formal. We ask that you do not wear club clothes however- No birthday suits!

Is there a place for us to change?

We do have a Bridal Suite you are welcome to use prior to your ceremony. You can reserve this room for $95 for 15 minutes or $195 for 30 minutes. This must be arranged prior to your ceremony date.

Can we say our own Vows?

Please check your package for details. Own Vows are not available with the Ace of Hearts and Neon Lights package. If you wish to add your own vows to our larger packages, you are welcome to as long as it is a short paragraph and your Wedding Planner is informed prior to your ceremony date.

Can we purchase additional flowers or bring our own?

Yes, we have a full Floral Shop here at the Little Church of the West. Our Florist has been making flowers for over 20 years. You are welcome to add additional items needed, the types of flowers that we carry in stock are roses and carnations. If you wish to have a custom bouquet made, this would be based on availability for that season. Please contact your Wedding Planner for pricing. 

Do you offer transportation?

We offer a complimentary limousine services for couples that have selected the Champagne Supernova, The Headliner or the All-Inclusive High Roller Package. (Limos are based on availability, certain holidays or unique dates we may not be able to accommodate)

The Limousines will seat 6 passengers, depending on the package. Service is for pick up, wait and return only from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. (gratuity is not included)

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