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Las Vegas Sign Wedding – The iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is something you see as soon as you enter onto the Las Vegas Strip. It has been a place for people from all over the world that come and take a photo. What better way than to have your wedding or vow renewal at this Sign. We will record the ceremony and take photos of course, such a sweet spot for you to celebrate your day. The most iconic location in Las Vegas can be the venue for your Las Vegas Wedding or Renewal Ceremony. This is open to the public, so expect to attract a crowd as you say “I Do”.  The Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign will be the backdrop to your ceremony.  Learn more about the historic wedding chapel.

Package Details:

    • Wedding or vow renewal ceremony at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
    • Bouquet of 12 fresh roses or Carnations in your choice of red, white, ivory or pink
    • Matching boutonnière
    • Professional photo session of the Couple and a group shot with guests at the sign
    • $150 credit towards the purchase of photos
    • Video Download
    • Custom certificate holder
    • Personal online photo gallery
    • Round trip limo service for 6 adults*
    • Available Daily from 10am to 10pm

    Las Vegas Sign Wedding Package Available Daily. Does not include $100 Minister fee. Photography by friends and family is permitted during the ceremony.

    *additional limo time may be required for trips outside a designated area.

  • Driver gratuity is not included. We recommend a gratuity of $20 or more, which will be collected at check in. (cash only)

Las Vegas Sign Wedding

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Las Vegas Sign Wedding

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Have a Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Wedding

Las Vegas Sign Weddings

The most iconic location in Vegas can be the venue for your Las Vegas Sign Wedding or Renewal Ceremony.  This is open to the public, so expect to attract a crowd as you say “I Do”.  The Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign will be the backdrop to your ceremony.

Las Vegas Sign Wedding Package

Your limousine will pick you up from your strip hotel, a quick stop at the Little Church of the West to pick up your photographer and then a short drive to the iconic Las Vegas Sign.  Your photographer will capture photos during the ceremony followed by pose photos after.  A HD video will also be recorded of your ceremony.  Following all the fun of your Vegas Sign Wedding you will return to the Little Church of the West to view your photo before being taken via limousine back to your hotel.  Want the ultimate in Las Vegas Weddings?  Add an Elvis impersonator to perform your ceremony or just sing a few songs during this magical moment.  Talk to your wedding consultant if you wish to add Elvis to your Las Vegas Sign Wedding.

The Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is a Las Vegas landmark funded in May 1959 and erected soon after by Western Neon. The sign was designed by Betty Willis at the request of Ted Rogich, a local salesman, who sold it to Clark County, Nevada.  This Las Vegas Landmark can be the destination for your Las Vegas Wedding.

Where is the Las Vegas Sign?

Las Vegas Sign Wedding

The sign is located in the median at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South, across from the Las Vegas Harley Davidson store and Las Vegas Harley Davidson Wedding Chapel on the east side of the street, and across from the Bali Hai Golf Club and the (closed) Klondike Hotel & Casino on the west side. Some consider the sign to be the official southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. The sign, like most of the Strip, sits in the town of Paradise and is located roughly 4 miles (6.4 km) south of the actual city limits of Las Vegas. (Such distinctions are usually ignored by both locals and tourists, who refer to the entire metro area as “Las Vegas”.)

How big is the Las Vegas Sign?

famous las vegas sign

The sign is a 25-foot-tall (7.6 m) classic roadside pole design, mounted offset on two flat poles which are joined by a cross piece at the top. The poles extend above the top of the sign. The sign is a horizontally stretched diamond shape, with the top and bottom angles pointed while the side angles are rounded. It is double-backed, internally lit, with a border of flashing and chasing yellow incandescent bulbs outside around the perimeter.

Las Vegas Sign Wedding during the holidays

Seasonally, the bulbs have changed to different colors; at Christmas and Valentine’s Day they are red, and they have been pink during breast cancer awareness month in October and green bulbs illuminate the sign for St. Patrick’s Day. In a nod to Nevada’s nickname as “the Silver State,” across the top of the sign are white neon circles, designed to represent silver dollars. The circles each contain a red painted letter, outlined in neon, which together form the word “Welcome.” Crowning the sign, located between the two poles and just under the crosspiece is an eight-pointed, red-painted metal star outlined with yellow neon.

Leaving Las Vegas

On the back or north side, which is less frequently photographed and thus is lesser known, the sign reads “Drive” on the top line and “Carefully” on the second in red capital letters, with “Come Back” in blue on the third line, in script, and “Soon” all capitalized in blue on the fourth line. The nostalgic style found in numerous signs amid the 50’s has a name; “Googie Architecture” is known for its cutting edge “modern” “space age” style; hints of this fun style can be found in numerous nostalgic signs running from motels to cafes, and everything in the middle.

Who designed the Las Vegas Sign?

Betty Willis intended to design a sign that was unique in its shape, style and content. Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) currently owns the sign, which leases it to Clark County, while the design itself is in the public domain. The design of the sign was never copyrighted since Willis considered this her gift to the city and wanted it to be in the public domain. This has resulted in the image portrayed on thousands of Las Vegas souvenirs.

Historical Las Vegas Sign

On October 4, 1999, the sign went dark for about a month when the company that had been paying the power bill was bought by another company who did not pay the bill. When the problem was discovered, payment of the past due amount, under $60, was made, and power was turned back on. This oversight is hard to imagine, given the popularity of the sign as a tourist destination.

With the sign so far away from the city itself, in 2002, the Las Vegas City Council erected a sign reading “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” at Las Vegas Boulevard and 4th Street, just within the city limits of the City of Las Vegas proper.

On March 6, 2007, another replica of the sign, larger than the original, was installed on Boulder Highway just north of Tropicana Ave. Like the original, it does not mark the border with Las Vegas.

The Vegas Sign – Strip Weddings

While the sign itself has remained unchanged, the area around the sign has been modified multiple times. On December 8, 2008, a small parking lot was opened in the median of Las Vegas Boulevard to allow official public access to the sign for the first time. Prior to the parking lot’s construction, visitors to the sign were forced to cross the northbound or southbound lanes of Las Vegas Blvd. without the benefit of any traffic signal or crosswalk. While no one is known to have been killed while trying to access the sign, increasing traffic at the south end of the Strip has made crossing increasingly dangerous.


This small 10-space parking lot had been completely overwhelmed by the ever-expanding number of visitors to the sign. Therefore, in April 2012, 20 more spaces were added to accommodate visitor traffic. This expanded parking lot was a $500,000 expense and is accessible while traveling southbound on Las Vegas Blvd. Early in 2015, new traffic signals were installed to help pedestrians cross Las Vegas Blvd at the sign. This project added two sets of traffic lights, marked crosswalks and 21 additional parking spots.

The Historic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was added to the State Register of Historic Places on December 6, 2013 by the State Historic Preservation Office for the State of Nevada. The only other fixture on the Las Vegas Strip to be granted this historic designation is the Little Church of the West, which was added to the State Register of Historic Places on September 14, 1992.

Las Vegas Sign Ceremonies by the Little Church of the West, Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

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