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Why choose a Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony?

A Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony is the perfect choice to renew your vows. Whether it is for a 1 year anniversary, 50 year anniversary, or anything in between. A Vow Renewal Ceremony can be just the perfect thing to celebrate your marriage.  Your ceremony can be as simple and casual as you want or it can be a bit more elaborate. The choice is yours. We can even arrange for Elvis to renewing your vows in Vegas! Learn more about the historic wedding chapel.

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vow renewal ceremony
Vow Renewal
Vow Renewal Las Vegas
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las vegas vow renewal

What if we just got married?

That’s perfect. Many couples will have their Vow Renewal ceremony while they are in Las Vegas for their honeymoon. This is a truly exciting ceremony, because they have already had their wedding ceremony. The ceremony with all of the planning and stress that goes with it. This Vow Renewal ceremony is strictly just for fun. The ceremony can be performed as a wedding rather than a vow renewal for the newlyweds so they have the “married in Vegas” experience without any stress!

What are the traditional anniversaries to celebrate with a renewal of vows ceremony?

We have some couples that return here every year for their Vow Renewal ceremony. Anytime is the right time for your vow renewal, it doesn’t even have to be on your anniversary. The most common anniversaries that are celebrated with a Vow Renewal ceremony are 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 25 years, and 50 years. Many of the couples that come to The Little Church of the West for their vow renewal ceremony were originally married here. We have had many vow renewal ceremonies for couples that were married here 50 and 60 years ago! The chapel was built in 1942, so we have had many weddings here!

Where should we have our ceremony?

The Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony has a beautiful, historic chapel with a natural redwood interior and natural cedar exterior. Being the only building on the National Registry of Historic places, the ambiance is that of a quaint little church in an old mining town. If you prefer the outdoors for your Vow Renewal ceremony, there is also a covered garden area with a fountain and plenty of seating. You would be completely happy with either option.

Who Officiates Vow Renewals?

Our ministers deliver a very warm and heartfelt ceremony for Vegas Vow Renewals. We also have options that include having Elvis perform your ceremony. If you have something special to say to each other, we can also arrange that for you; whether it is just a few words or you want to say your own vows, we can customize your Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Who Should Be Invited?

You can have a small, intimate ceremony that would be just for the two of you, or you can have a big affair with family and friends. Some of the milestone anniversaries might warrant a big bash, complete with a reception following your Vow Renewal Ceremony. If you are looking for the perfect place to have a reception, our wedding consultants can help you with that. We work with many restaurants and venues, in just about every price range.

What do I need to do to plan the best Vow Renewal Ceremony?

All you need to do is select your preferred date and then give us a call! We are here every day from 8am to 11pm, and we can be reached at 702-739-7971 or by email at Our team of professional wedding consultants will take care of every aspect of planning your ceremony. We will arrange the minister, the photographer, the flowers, the music, and even transportation for you. This event will be completely stress-free for you! Once you secure your date and time with us, we will take care of everything! All you will have to do after that, is just show up for your Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony. It really is as simple as that.

What Should You Wear?

Anything you want! You could have your ceremony in whatever you feel most comfortable in. For some people, that would be jeans and a T-shirt. There are couples who go all out with a tux and gown. You could choose a casual, yet dressy look with an informal or semi-formal dress for the Missus and then a nice dress shirt (with or without a tie) for the Mister. And then there are costumes. Yes! Some couples will come dressed as Elvis and Marilyn, or superheroes, or cowboys. You could even have an 80’s themed ceremony! As far as costumes go, the only limitations are your imagination. If you are looking for formal wear, or costumes, this is something that our staff of wedding consultants would be able to help you with.

Should You Have a Wedding Party?

This is something that will usually answer itself based on who is attending your Vow Renewal Ceremony. If you have family members coming, then you might want them to stand up with you. If your children or even grandchildren are present, that would be a good choice to have them as your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Who Walks You Down the Aisle?

You could have your dad, your son or daughter, brother, or friend walk you down the aisle. Some couples will walk down the aisle together for their vow renewal ceremony, this is also a great idea.

What Actually Happens During the Ceremony?

Once you make your reservation with us, we will confirm everything with you and we will work together with you to ensure that your Las Vegas Vow Renewal ceremony is just how you envision it to be. It could be a ceremony that is similar to your actual wedding, or, as in most cases, it is very, very different from your wedding. This should be the fun ceremony, although very meaningful, as the two of you are again expressing the love you have for each other. Once you arrive for your ceremony, we will have a wedding director who will be with you throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Going to the Chapel for your Vow Renewal in Las Vegas

We will take you to the chapel, we will advise everyone what they should be doing, where they need to go, and when to walk down the aisle. Our minister will guide you through the ceremony as well, and will have you exchanging vows and if you choose to exchange rings, then he will coordinate that as well. Your Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony will be pretty much just like a wedding ceremony, except that your vow renewal would include something about the number of years you have been married and the minister will talk about a re-commitment of your vows to each other.