6 Marriage Tips for a Successful Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime

Strengthen your relationship by following these expert marriage tips and always showing love and support to your partner.

Around nine out of ten or 88% of Americans believe that love is the most important reason to get married.

While love is an amazing foundation, sometimes, just love isn’t enough. Humans are far more complex and nuanced, and a happy life of two can take a bit of effort.

So, here we’ve compiled a list of 6 marriage tips that can help you and your partner live a happier life together!

1. Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding yourself accountable can be hard, but it does so much for your relationship!

For one, it encourages your partner to hold themselves accountable too. And for another, it is only by taking accountability that you can recognize a problem and make real progress towards solving it.

2. Every Once in a While, Go Back to the Start

Flirt, date, surprise and woo each other all over again! Revisit and recreate that “honeymoon phase” excitement from time to time because you both deserve that kind of romance now and then.

3. Find an Effective Way to Resolve Conflict

The best marriages have conflict, they just resolve them differently. And the most effective ways to do this usually involves:

  • Giving your partner all your attention
  • Recognizing and understanding a different perspective
  • Finding a way to communicate how you feel
  • Being empathic to your spouse

4. Take Care of You

We all get super busy sometimes and forget to check-in with ourselves. But, in the long run, this can be quite damaging to our relationships. If you’re struggling with mental health, you might be more irritable to your partner or vice-versa.

So make time to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Perhaps you and your partner can even take care of yourselves together. Make self-care plans together, work out together, be healthy together – wins all around!

5. Be Mindful of Taking Your Spouse for Granted

Most of us don’t do it on purpose, and we may not even realize that we are. What you can do to counter this, is be conscious of the things you love about your partner and take the time to tell them!

Say it, show it and even get creative with it! Who wouldn’t love a little note of appreciation next to their morning breakfast?

6. Communicate Your Love

You may think you’re showing it, but you need to make sure that they’re perceiving it that way too. Everyone has their own unique love language.

For some its little gifts, for others its thoughtful compliments. Show your partner you love them in a way they understand.

Share Your Marriage Tips with Each Other!

marriage tipsIt’s awful to feel like you’re the only one who’s trying, but maybe you both are trying different things. You both probably have your own ideas on what it takes to make a marriage work. So share the ideas you like, the marriage tips you think you both need and practice them for a happier life together.

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