Gay Weddings in Las Vegas

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Gay Weddings in Las Vegas

Gay Weddings in Las Vegas

at the Little Church of the West

Gay Weddings in Las Vegas – The Little Church of the West is proud to offer the LGBT community Gay Weddings in Las Vegas.  Either in our historic chapel or garden venue.  This is the original Las Vegas wedding chapel and is situated on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.  For over 70 years thousands of couples and celebrities have said “I Do” inside this Vegas Landmark.  We would like to invite all same-sex couples to be part of our new history by letting us plan your special day.

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The perfect venue for your Las Vegas wedding

same sex weddings las vegas
gay weddings las vegas
Gay Weddings in Las Vegas

LGBTQ Weddings

at the Little Church of the West
gay weddings las vegas
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Gay Weddings in Las Vegas
LGBT Weddings las vegas
lgbtq weddings

Gay Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a resort town in Nevada’s Mojave Desert is famed for its buzzing energy. A town with 24-hour casinos and endless entertainment options. Its focal point is the Strip.  The Strip is just over 4 miles long. It’s lined with elaborately themed hotels, luxury resorts and innumerable casinos. Drivers of the Las Vegas economy are tourism, gaming and conventions, which in turn, feed the retail and restaurant industries.

Same-Sex Weddings in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has come to be known as the Marriage Capital of the World.  Due to the ease of acquiring a marriage license, the minimal costs involved, and the various types of weddings available. The process of obtaining a license has been so streamlined that once a short form is completed and submitted to the marriage license bureau along with $77 cash and a government issued photo identification, a marriage license may be obtained within minutes. The wedding ceremony must be performed within a year of receipt of the marriage license in order to be valid, and marriages are legal and binding worldwide.

Same-Sex, LGBT Weddings in Las Vegas

Now that there are more and more same-sex weddings in Las Vegas being planned, it’s a really great time to take stock of how to serve these couples with their wedding plans. The Little Church of the West is the perfect choice for same-sex weddings in Las Vegas. Gay weddings in Las Vegas can be as varied as your imagination allows. Some of them are just not very traditional. Actually, less than 15 percent of same-sex weddings in Las Vegas incorporate traditional wedding features such as wedding showers, ring bearers and flower girls.

Wedding Traditions

We’ve seen that gay and lesbian couples like to skip traditions altogether or invent their own. Couples can choose to have a wedding party, or not. Just like modern day opposite-sex weddings, same-sex weddings in Las Vegas offers the couples the option to have anyone stand up with them and at the Little Church of the West, we can also customize the music played. So if you want to have your song played while you walk down the aisle, or enter together, that is totally up to you. We are happy to accommodate you. Many couples also choose to say their own vows. Together with the minister’s ceremony, your wedding will be exactly what you were looking for.

A gay wedding

Who’s the bride at a gay wedding? Well, sometimes there are two, and sometimes there are none, and sometimes one doesn’t feel like a bride. This gives us at the chapel, and the wedding couple, so much freedom in how we process the ceremony. Most of the couples marrying in same-sex weddings in Las Vegas aren’t even being escorted down the aisle by anyone. For these gay weddings in Las Vegas, we mostly see the couples enter the chapel together. Nobody has to be “given away” at a gay wedding; that’s just another silly gender norm.


When you are getting married, ask for help from family and friends, especially those who have gone through the wedding process before. They will help to offer you exceptional advice, as they have the experience that is necessary to give input on your decision.

Planning same-sex weddings in Las Vegas

What are the problems that could arise out of planning same-sex weddings in Las Vegas? Well, they are pretty much the same problems that come from planning opposite-sex weddings. Unrealistic expectations: the couple is looking for a $5,000 wedding experience on a $200 budget. Once your expectations fall in line with your budget, you will be 100% thrilled and satisfied with your wedding. Unhappy family members: this happens with straight or gay couples alike. Maybe mom and dad don’t approve of your lifestyle, maybe the personalities on the two sides of the families just clash, maybe someone is trying to hard to take control of your wedding planning. At The Little Church of the West, we have experience is planning same-sex weddings in Las Vegas. It cannot be stressed enough that this is your day, and it should be the way you want it.

Don’t stress about your gay wedding in Las Vegas

You should not be overly stressed about trying to accommodate everyone else in planning your wedding. Most of the time, when planning gay weddings in Las Vegas, we find that couples and families we deal with are absolutely amazing. These are probably people who have their priorities in order and nothing bothers them. The wedding consultants at the Little Church of the West take the concerns of our couples seriously, but we also try to bring a little humor and levity to situations that can’t be helped.

LGTBQ Weddings

That’s the nature of the wedding business; it can be challenging, and you have to know how to roll with the challenges, find the answers, and just relax and enjoy the experience. Working with experienced and thoughtful wedding planners is the first step and the best thing you can do to make your wedding day the special event you want it to be. When you are looking for a venue for same-sex weddings in Las Vegas, The Little Church of the West is your top pick!

Things to know:

Review our Las Vegas Wedding Packages.  Flowers and music can all be customized to suit you requirements. Learn more about us.

You will need to obtain a Marriage License prior to your ceremony.