LGBTQ Weddings in Las Vegas: The Ultimate and Essential Guide

Weddings weld well. Roughly one-tenth of LGBTQ Americans have gotten married. LGBTQ weddings are becoming available all over the United States, especially in Las Vegas.

Yet the availability of weddings makes it hard to plan the right wedding for you. You need to think about many different factors before you book your tickets to Sin City.

What is the process of getting married in Vegas like? What are some unique ideas for LGBTQ weddings? How can you find the right venue for you?

Answer these questions and you can have a memorable wedding in Vegas before you know it. Here is your quick guide.

Getting Married in Vegas

Las Vegas has an expedited wedding process, including for LGBTQ couples. You don’t have to go through a waiting period in order to get married.

You do need to go to the County Clerk’s office, register for a Las Vegas marriage license, and provide a form of valid identification.

You have to pay a fee of $102, but you can pay it with a credit card. Your license is valid for one year, so you can get your license well in advance and then plan your wedding out.

Beyond getting a license, you don’t need to do anything else. You can get married at any venue in the state, and you can invite whomever you want to the wedding.

As you might imagine given Vegas’ popularity, wedding venues get booked up quickly. You should take advantage of how long your license lasts and plan ahead. Book your accommodations several months in advance, including your airline tickets.

You should find a good date to get married on. A lot of couples like to get married in the summer and early fall. Try getting married during a different time of the year if possible.

Finding LGBTQ Wedding Ideas

An LGBTQ wedding does not have to be substantially different from another kind of wedding. But you can find many different themes and ideas to meet your needs and desires.


If you want to infuse pride into your wedding, you can do so in many ways. Encourage your guests to dress in rainbow colors and seat them in a curved pattern around you.

Use decorations in creative fashions. You can find forks and knives with affirming messages on them. You can choose exotic flower bouquets and throw rainbow glitter into the air.

Modify your wedding vows to your gender identities and unique interests. Neither of you has to promise to “love, honor, and obey” the other. Read different examples of lesbian wedding vows to come up with your own vows.

Religious Ideas

You can invite a religious figure of any background into LGBTQ-friendly wedding venues. You can then conduct the ceremony according to your faith.

Feel free to change the ceremony a little bit. You can find LGBTQ wedding rings with symbolic gems and messages written on them.

Check with you venue if an outside officiant is allowed.


You are not obliged to wear a white dress or a black suit. You can add colors to your LGBTQ wedding dress or suit. You can try out different textures and fabrics that catch your eye.

Finding wedding clothes is never easy. Spend plenty of time trying out different options with a tailor’s help. Invite a few friends and see what they think of your clothes.

Researching LGBTQ Wedding Venues

Many venues in Vegas offer LGBTQ services. You should spend a long time considering your different options.

See if the venue has LGBTQ staffers. It is okay to pick one that does not, but venues that do may offer you better services. Examine how long the venue has been offering LGBTQ weddings.

Prices are an important baseline, especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget. But don’t turn down a venue just because they are expensive. See if their high price translates into additional services like catering.

Size is another important baseline. If you have a small number of guests, you should find a smaller venue. Getting a spacious venue can be expensive in and of itself, and it will make your wedding seem empty.

If you plan on having a reception after your wedding, you want a venue that is close to your reception center. You can choose a casino or hotel on the Strip as your reception venue, though they can book up quickly.

If you want to keep your reception at your venue, find a venue that can accommodate everything you want. Caterers and a DJ need spaces to store their equipment and time to set things up. The venue should have separate rooms for the wedding ceremony and reception.

The Essentials of LGBTQ Weddings

LGBTQ weddings are great opportunities for long-lasting memories. You don’t need a lengthy application process to get a Vegas wedding.

Yet you should spend weeks examining different wedding ideas. You can infuse your happy day with LGBTQ pride, and you can customize your ceremony.

Most of venues cater to LGBTQ couples. You should consider price, size, and location as essential factors for your venue. But you should examine the venue’s history with LGBTQ staffers and weddings.

You can have the perfect wedding with expert help. The Little Church of the West offers premium Gay weddings in Las Vegas. Contact us today.